Technology Department

Millcreek-West Unity Schools firmly believes that technology is a vital tool to prepare our students for academic excellence and their life experience after graduation. Our mission is to support students, staff, and the community at large in regards to the use of technology in the district.

We support a one-to-one device model for our students, enabling students to utilize digital resources more fully. We also have a variety of platforms (listed below) we leverage for engagement and instruction. If you have any questions about the use of technology in the district, or availability of resources for learning and instruction, please feel free to contact me!


    Digital Platforms

    We currently use Clever's SSO Portal Platform for managing student logins and resources. Students can login with their Hilltop Google Account using the link here.

    Current Approved Digital Platforms

    • Google Workspace

    • Google Classroom

    • Google Additional Services (Includes filtered Youtube)

    • Clever Portal

    • Lightspeed Classroom Management

    • Lightspeed Systems Web Filter

    • IXL

    • McGraw Hill Reading Platform

    • Savaas-Realize

    • TeachTCI

    Please note this list is not exhaustive, and that the district strives to vet every resource in a reasonable manner. Please contact the Technology Coordinator for a full list.

    CIPA Internet Filter

    Our district currently implements a CIPA-compliant web filtering system for all student and staff devices. Our public wireless network (for BYOD devices) is also filtered. This is to ensure maximum compliance with CIPA and federal E-Rate mandates (see below for more information).

    If you have any questions about a particular resource and its' access status on the web filter, please contact the District Technology Coordinator via the information above.

    Online Content Laws and Regulations

    There are many online laws and regulations that are applicable to the educational environment and the rights of students, parents, and the district. It is important to know that the school district may provide consent for students to use online educational software and apps. It is also vitally important that the district complies with federal and local regulations. Millcreek-West Unity Local Schools strives to ensure all online software and apps comply with federal FERPA and CIPA laws.


    Family Education Rights and Privacy Act

    Link: What is FERPA?

    Link: About FERPA

    Link: FERPA Electronic Code of Federal Regulations


    Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

    Link: About CIPA

    Link: CIPA - E-rate Applicants

    NEOLA Board Policy Regarding Technology

    Please see the below NEOLA Board Policies regarding usage of district technology resources. NEOLA Board Policy can be viewed via this link.

    • Policy 5136 - Student Personal Communication Devices

    • Policy 5136.01 - Student Electronic Devices

    • Policy 5513 - Student Care of School Property

    • Policy 7540 - General Technology Use

    • Policy 7540.02 - Web Accessibility and Applications

    • Policy 7540.03 - Student Technology Acceptable Use and Safety

    • Policy 7540.06 - District-Issued Student Email Accounts

    • Policy 7542 - Access to District Resources and Networks